All constructions are made in house. We work with the current version of the CAD software Autodesk Inventor. All 3D-models, the according drawings and all valid documents are governed in the matching product- data -managing system.

We are able to exchange CAD data with our customers per standard-data-formats like STEP, IGES, DXF.

CNC programming

Programming time consuming component geometries we are able to exchange the CAD-data for the CNC-control directly. This not only saves time it also minimizes error sources. All programs are centrally saved and available for repeat orders.

Tools and equipment

Equipment we design and produce per team in house. This saves time and it is always fascinating again to work together on new challenges.

Very often we deal with conception and producing of special tools. Sebro works close together with well-named tool-manufacturers, so some tasks have lead to exceptional good solutions.