With our programmable automatic saw we generate saw cuts up to 420mm blank diameters. These semi-finished products made of spheroidal graphite iron, Q&T steel, case hardening steel or also from aviation-aluminium-alloy and are brought to the according turning or milling.


A wide range of turning centers are available. Especially braking surface machining demands comprehensive know-how, longtime experience and special toll development in order to achieve highest accuracy during the turning process. Our biggest vertical lathe makes it possible to work on components till 600 mm dia and 125 kg weight.


On our machining centers not only bore patterns for brake discs and brake drums are processed but also e.g. flywheels, sprockets, chain tensioners, wheel hubs and wheel spacers. We are looking forward to every new product and its challenges.

Cross drilling and slotting

Our demand on accuracy concerning perforating and slotting of sport- and motorsport brake discs is extremely high. Therefore here we use special machining centers. Also the development of optimal drilling-/milling tools is essential for the function and durability of such break discs. So we work together with well-named tool-manufactures.


All inside ventilated break discs are balanced at Sebro, and this on a especially for break discs designed dynamic balancing machinery.

Concerning flywheels a low unbalance as possible is of vital importance due to the high engine speed. Also here we can refer to a special dynamic balancing machine.


With our broaching machine we present diverse involute and spline shaft profiles in grey and nodular cast iron as precised as in Q&T steel or high strength aluminum.

Gear cutting

The gearing of transmission gears, flywheels, toothed belt wheels and sprockets is made by gear hobbing. Our spectrum of some hundred hob cutters constantly extends by new products for customized solutions, whereby we get these sophisticated tools produced at well-known tool-manufacturers.


Afterwards we principally grind perforated and slotted break discs. This additional effort indeed isn´t common, but for the component performance it only can be an advantage.

Complete processing

On our especially for break discs designed production lines all necessary working steps are automatically. This means, that the first working step is supplied with cast blanks per roller track and at the end of the process chain the break discs are ready for coating and packaging.