For the sustainable improvement of corrosion protection and also for good looking our break discs are silver grey coated in the pot- and outer diameter area. By the automatic coating process a high quality with steady coating thickness is guaranteed. In the uncoated areas all components are provided with suitable corrosion protection.

As feature in the photo you see a customized coating in red. This break discs is used in trikes.


A number of products made from diverse steels get a surface treatment afterwards. Here the zinc coating, nickel plating and chromating are applied. This effects an optimal corrosion protection, high demanded optic included. Galvanic procedures we only do with specialized partners.


Aluminum components confirming to our standards we also get treated off side. Anodic coating in RAL colours is possible as well as hard anodizing, as shown in the photo at our aluminum wheel spacer.


The photo shows a sports car flywheel with hardened starter gearing. To enhance the wear resistance after the gearing process an inductive hardening - exactly adjusted to the component - is used.

This component is representative for a number of heat treatment procedures, we get performed outer site. Our partners are specialized on plasma-, gas and liquid nitriding as well as on case hardening and quenching and tempering.