Make it best! Brake it best!

Welcome to Sebro

We are a medium-sized company with a dynamic and experienced team. Is it about producing high quality brake discs and engine parts – we are your partner! Sebro has a versatile and modern designed machine park and is therefore able to produce all kinds of parts with highest precision and quality requirements.

We offer a custom range of services for productions for special purposes as well as for series productions.

We don’t see you merely as customer, but rather as partner and so we plan the strategy in close agreement with you: from the development, the selection of suitable raw materials, the production engineering right up to refinement and packaging.

Sebro is focused on customer close order processing, fulfillment of quality requirements and compliance of delivery dates. A further priority has the production of small lots, often demanded in the fields of motorsports, tuning and vintage cars. Also here we are a reliable partner to make your personal beliefs and wishes come true.



Brake it best!


Sebro was founded in 1974 and since that time the company has focused on the production of brake discs and brake drums. The experiences during these decades made us to specialists for brake discs meeting the highest requirements.

In 2009 we changed our production program and since that time we have especially produced brake discs for high value vehicle types with utmost demands on the brake systems. So we offer a wide range of series line for Porsche vehicles from the disc brake for the “901er” (1963) up to the installation kit incl. brake pads and wear sensors for the “997 GT3 RS”.

By the realignment and extension of the production systems Sebro is also able to enlarge its series programs constantly. To this belong new product-fields like flywheels, sprockets or wheel spacer.


Make it best!


The production of safety-relevant parts as brake discs and brake drums needs a maximum of precision without any errors. Therefore Sebro gives weight to the product quality!

Meeting these requirements our quality management system serves as the basis to guarantee standardized procedures in all departments including improving and controlling. In addition to it we insert parts-depending test procedures and appliances to guarantee the meeting of all necessary quality demands at all times.

A fundamental challenge for Sebro is the selection of suitable materials with the most suitable properties. Among the computer-supported development of the components and the thereby guaranteed follow-up production the selection of tool-usage is important. Here often individually developed special tools are inserted to get the best results.

Due to our know-how and our accuracy concerning all component relevant requirements we are able to offer products of highest quality – even for your special requests.