Classics with high ambition

We love to deal with inquiries for young and old classics. Here the focus is on the segment brake discs and brake drums, but also we produce components like wheel hubs, sprockets, flywheels or other chassis- and engine parts.

In this segment we don´t only work for the classic departments of automotive manufacturers, but also for enterprises specialised on development and distribution of products for classic vehicles. With the examples below the good conditions at Sebro become obviously for working together with brand clubs. Please, simply get in touch with us!

Project example NSU RO80

Especially for the Swiss NSU RO80 club we have relaunched brake discs as they were no longer available. Based on a sample we reconstructed the original part and built it up via CAD. With support of a completely new designed foundry pattern casting blanks resulted, which were completely machined at Sebro.

NSU RO80-drivers now can be glad about brand-new brake discs in original equipment manufacture quality.

Project example VW K70

A further example is the remake of brake discs for the VW K70. This enquiry reached us from the international VW K70 club. Here also based on a sample we chose the way per measuring the sample part with CAD-design afterwards.

The production of a pattern and a cast of raw components based on that, their processing at Sebro here also has helped to provide some hundreds of vehicles of this rolling cultural asset with safe brakes again.